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IB-oppilaamme 2019-2020

Guilherme Fauze, barsilialaisemme 2019-2020

Moi! I’m Guilherme Fauze, olen brasilialainen, 16 vuotas vanha, my city in Brazil is called São José dos Campos, there are almost 800 thousands people and is very famous because of a big company of planes there have the main building there.

My family in brazil is just me, my little brother and my parents.


Julia, toinen brasilialaisemmne, saapui Brasiliasta klubiimme elokuussa 2019

Moi! Minun nimi on Júlia, olen seitsemäntoista vuotta vanha ja olen brasilialainen.
I live in a small city from the countryside of the state of São Paulo. I am the only child but me, my father and and my mother share the house with more 5 pets. I love to read, watch movies, nature and animals, and, of course, traveling.
Finland was my first choice and I don’t regret it. I am absolutely loving to meet this new culture, new people and seeing the world by a new point of view. I also like the language (it’s still really difficult for me, but I’m doing my best to learn it)!
I’m currently studying in Lappeerannan Lyseon Lukio, I really like it and the education system of this country.
Even though I’ve been here for only one month, I’m sure that this will be (and is already being) the best year of my life!


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