End Polio Now

Eradication of polio

Work to eliminate polio from the world is part of the international operations of the Rotary.
Rotary campaign began already in 1985. At that time, about 1,000 people became ill with poliovirus every day, meaning that each year about 350,000 children, often under age of 5, were paralyzed or died from polio in 125 countries. Today, there are only two countries where indigenous polio has not been eliminated: Afghanistan and Pakistan. In 2021, one infection with wild poliovirus was detected in both countries (per 16 June 2021). So we are really close!
However, as we have promised together, the work of Rotarians to eliminate polio will not end until any child is at risk of contracting the wild poliovirus.
Polio has not completely disappeared from the Finnish society either, as there are still people among us who have been disabled by polio as a child. However, no new cases are expected in Finland due to comprehensive vaccination programs. However, the reduction in vaccination coverage is a threat to a good situation.
The Clubs of District 1410 highlight Rotary’s work to eliminate polio in a variety of ways: by selling ‘End Polio Now’ products, dismounting into the malls, organizing events. Some clubs and rotarians support Rotary’s work by donating funds to the Rotary Foundation Polio Fund.
Pictured is rotary Juhani Heinonen giving polio vaccination.
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