Would you be a rotarian?

Ten reasons to be a Rotarian

You should join Rotary if you want to be active in developing your own community – or building a better world. Rotary unites like-minded active people, and by working together we can achieve more. [<= HUOM: suomenkielisessä lyöntivirhe: aikaa => p.o. aikaan ] As a Rotarian, you will get to know the influential persons of your own locality, and if you wish, you will also have views on international activities. We are a global network that offers a lot of different opportunities!
As a rotarian you can
  1. act and influence with purpose, serve and use your own skills to the best of your ability
  2. learn and network professionally
  3. grow and develop yourself as a human being
  4. make new lifelong friendships
  5. benefit from cultural diversity
  6. act as a good member of your society, as an active citizen
  7. promote global understanding and peace
  8. enjoy and experience new things
  9. be involved in youth exchange and take an exchange student into your home if you wish
  10. be involved in ethical activities.
We also offer young people the opportunity to participate through Interact and Retract activities


Find the nearest Rotary club with Club Finder

In district 1410 operates 58 clubs. Use Club Finder and find the nearest Rotary club with contact information.


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