District 1410 club projects

We do good in our own communities

Urjala Rotary Club: Rotarians help on the last trip

Rotarians work in many ways in their own communities, helping, supporting, and educating. There are as many ways to help as there are Clubs. The Urjala Rotary Club has various service projects, one of which is the funeral service. The service is important, because...

Sepänhaka Rotary Club: The Goodfather® project

The Goodfather® ‘TGf’ is a project launched by Sepänhaan Rotary Club in the spring of 2015 to reduce youth unemployment in the Forssa region. In line with their operating principles, Rotarians represent a wide range of professions. They do use their networks of...

Uusikaupunki Rotary Club: Infusion pump for Home Hospital

In the winter 2020, the Uusikaupunki Rotary Club donated a portable infusion set to the City of Uusikaupunki. The donated infusion pump can be used to deliver accurate subcutaneous medication to a home hospital or care facility, for example. The pump is ideal for...

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