Water Backpack

Exploring the environment is fun

Rotary clubs donate ‘water backpack’ research units for the nearby schools and children’s hobby groups.

Exploring the nearby natural waters in an easy and versatile way
The water backpack includes tools and instructions to make exploring the nearby waters easy and fun. What does the depth of vision tell us about the state of the water body? Is there cyanobacteria in the water – would it be safe to swim there? And of what kind is the oxygen situation in the water?
The following can be studied with the help of a water backpack:
  • temperature (water thermometer)
  • depth of field (Secchi disc)
  • blue-green algae situation
  • turbidity (World Water Monitoring Challenge jar, sticker and turbidity scale)
  • oxygen content (test tube, DO tablet, colour scale)
  • phosphorus and nitrogen content
Using a water backpack in teaching
The water backpack is to be used to study the immediate environment as part of the learning entities to be produced by the ‘Ihan Pihalla’ project (eng. ‘Right in the Yard’). In schools, the students can put together a “My Near Water Story”, which starts with mapping the students’ preconceptions, for example with the help of a mind map. Next, the students will get acquainted with the research tools and then travel to the shore of the nearby water body for sampling, using the instructions and tools of the Water Backpack. Photos are taken on site, and in the class the observations can be officially registered together on the Finnish Environment Institute’s ‘Järvi- & MeriWiki’ service. Although the Water Backpack has been developed primarily for schools, it is ideal for any citizen interested in monitoring water status. The water backpack can be used, for example, to explore the water on your own cottage beach!
More information about the water backpack

Matti Hakoila matti.hakoila@diversey.com

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