Introducing Rotary District 1410

Our bilingual Rotary district covers Åland and Southwest Finland (including parts of Satakunta and Southern Häme). It is divided into ten districts, with nearly 60 clubs with about 1,900 members.
The Rotary district is headed by the District Governor, or ‘DG’. He is supported by the District Council and District Committees. Each of the 10 areas within the district still has its own Assistant Governor, or ‘AG’.
During a Rotary year (July 1 – June 30) District Governor will visit all the clubs within his district to tell, hear, and encourage. The Assistant Governors do the same within their areas.
The District Nominating Committee selects the future governors, or the District Governor Nominees, ‘DGN’ for 3 years in advance, from among the candidates nominated by the clubs. After intensive international training, they are appointed to their positions at the Rotary International World Convention, at which point DGNs become District Governor Elects, or ‘DGE’. At the start of their term on July 1, they will eventually become District Governors, ‘DG’.
The main annual events organized by the District:
  • An Autumn Seminar for all Rotarians will be held in the fall, during which the District Meeting will discuss the previous year’s financial statements and activity report.
  • In the context of the Presidents Elect Training Seminar ‘PETS’, a District Meeting is held to approve the action plan and budget and to nominate future governors.
  • A celebratory District Conference, bringing together all Rotarians in the district, will be held in the spring.
Districts hold several annual coaches:
  • The Presidents Elect Training Seminar ‘PETS’ is intended for training future club Presidents and all other officials – in Finnish and Swedish.
  • The Rotary Leadership Institute ‘RLI’, is a popular training package open to all Rotarians and Rotaracts (younger adults). In an activating and entertaining atmosphere and good company, the understanding of Rotary brightens. RLI is particularly suited to new Rotarians and supports their development into club leadership roles, but helps anyone who wants to update their vision of Rotary activities. The diverse international learning material is constantly updated and can be found in different languages ​​online at Participants are not required to prepare in advance.
  • Website training helps clubs to be better visible and heard of – and thus be more effective in engaging new members. At the same time, you can learn for your own working life.
  • Membership training develops club activities to be more useful, relevant, and engaging, and enhances communication about activities and their outcomes.
All in all, district coaching and meetings not only provide members with new knowledge but also great opportunities to network outside of their own club.


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