Rotaract clubs

Young people doing good

Rotaract is a rotary organization for young adults over the age of 18 who are willing to donate time and expertise to their community. The motto of rotaractors is the same as that of the rotarians: ‘service above self’.
Rotaract Clubs do operate independently and are free to decide how to organize their activities. They are assisted by a sponsor club. Its rotarians provide the necessary information and support at all times and work in collaboration with rotaractors on various service projects. For example, clubs can make company visits and invite experts from different fields to share their work or current topics.
Charity is an integral part of Rotaract Club also. Clubs implement at least two service projects each year: one to help the local community, the other for a community in a different country.
Rotaract strives to promote the networking, internationalization of its members and to develop them as professionals and future leaders in their respective fields. Rotaract is big and small deeds for a better world.
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Rotaract Clubs of District 1410:
  • Rotaract Turku
  • Rotaract Turku region
  • Rotaract Parkano
Ask more from District Rotaract Manager:
Tiina Malkamo, Raisio RC
Mobile + 358-44-290 0329


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