Youth Exchange

Abroad for a whole School year, summer, or only a few weeks at a thematic camp?

One of the most impressive activities of Rotarians is the international youth exchange. Each year, more than 8,000 young people around the world are offered the opportunity to learn about a foreign culture through a Rotary organization for a few weeks, months, or an entire school year in the form of an annual exchange, summer exchange, or summer camp.
The Rotary Youth Exchange Program is safe and affordable. Safety is based on the thorough training of the participants in the program, and a safety net built by volunteers from the home country to the target country. Host families and Rotary clubs do not receive financial compensation for student maintenance.
  • The youngsters do attend a school year in a local school, live in typically three host families, and participate in host club and Rotary district activities. The young persons learn the language of the target country, get to know the culture and customs of the country, make lifelong friendships with the members of the host family, local rotarians and other exchange students from all over the world.
  • During the summer exchange, the young persons leave as a guest of the foreign host families for a few weeks. When they return, they bring the host family into the young’s own home for a similar period. The young becomes acquainted with a new culture and is allowed to use their language skills in practice. The exchange takes place during the school summer holidays.
  • The summer camps last 2-3 weeks and each has their own theme. There are many types of camps. Often the themes are related to the nature or culture of the country.
To start an exchange program, contact your local Rotary Club.
Read more about Rotary Youth Service and the Rotary Youth Exchange
Please contact:  District 1410’s Youth Exchange Committee [=> Linkki]
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