The joint RotaKids working group of the districts has designed an outdoor exercise event model suitable for each club and free for families with children. This goes by the name Patikkapolku. 

The goal of the event is to spread Rotary knowledge and increase cooperation between clubs. At the same time, families are encouraged to move together and environmental education is carried out. A footpath is best suited for a nature trail, but the idea can easily be applied to other environments.

The purpose would be for each club to place the event on September 23, 2023  or alternatively on a day between September 23 and 30. when Be Active – European Sports Week is celebrated every year .  

More information from the RotaKids website

If you are interested and want more information or you are organizing your own club’s Patikkapolku event, contact Tiina Malkamo of the RotaKids working group, e-mail , phone 044 290 0329

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