Tammer Nova Rotary Club has arranged courses called Young Women to Leadership Careers every year since 2006. The purpose of the course is to encourage young female adults to aim at challenging leadership posts in their careers. During the course they go through leadership literature, listen to talks on the subject and interview female business leaders for their final report. The participants get their diplomas in a grand final ceremony in May.

The leadership course is arranged by the joint effort of all Tammer Nova Rotarians and guidance counselors in the local high schools. The course is aimed at second grade high school students and it is counted as one course in their high school program. Two students from each Tampere area high school are accepted to the course, 18 in all at the most. Local businesses and organizations offer facilities, so this way these students have an opportunity to meet people and see jobs in different fields.

During the last ten years 150 students have taken the course. Female managers and heads of departments have talked about their own careers during visits to 30 different organizations. Moreover, dozens of other female managers have been interview for the final reports. All in all, student teams have prepared more than 50 final reports during the course.