The Most Enthusiastic Exchange Students Join Rotex

Rotary’s former exchange students, rotexes, take part in youth exchange in many ways. Rotexes meet the inbound students already during their first week in Finland at the orientation camp, and along the year they help Rotarians during the camps and trips at home and abroad.

Rotexes organize foreign exchange students staying in Finland a variety of events and activities during the exchange year. They act as exchange students’ tutors and as peer support for current and former exchange students if needed.

Rotexes in Finland are very active and it is an important part of the youth exchange program. There are over 50 active rotexes in Finland. Finnish rotexes have international cooperation with rotexes of other countries, too.

Rotex Finland operates within the Finnish Rotary youth exchange multidistrict organization and complies with the youth exchange and Rotary rules.