Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Young People Become Ethical Leaders and Active Citizens

Inspiring contributions at meetings, experience expertise, support to personal growth, social activities, this and a lot more is included in Rotary RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Awards – training.

This training is aimed at 14 to 30-year-old active young people who want to learn what leadership is about: developing decision making, initiative, interaction and the ability to express one’s own ideas clearly and convincingly. At RYLA seminars experts from different fields talk about their ideas and experiences about leadership. RYLA training tries to encourage young people to become leaders and to show them how they could become active citizens and internalize ethical standards.

Single clubs or groups of clubs organize RYLA leadership training and even a Rotary district can be the organizer. A school or some other organization can be RYLA cooperation partner. The participants are selected on the basis of applications or together with a cooperation partner.

If you are interested, you can contact any one of the Rotary clubs in your area and ask for more information about RYLA training in your area.