What I can give Rotary​

What I can give Rotary​

You have the opportunity to do and achieve good things as a member of your community, representative of your occupation, skilled person and influencer. Rotary brings together people like you, from all cultures and fields. Rotary needs people who want to make the world a better place.

You can donate your time and skills to projects and activities that impact the wellbeing of both your home and the entire world.

There are various ways of being an active Rotarian. You can participate in a project organised by your Club or even plan a project of your own. There are endless ways of helping and participating, and you get to choose the best way for you, personally. Some give their time and read newspapers to the elderly or provide tutoring to children. Some wish to act as financial sponsors.

Through Rotary, you can also travel the world by participating in our friendship activities, student exchange programmes or international service projects. You can invite an exchange student in your home or use your skills to train young leaders.

Rotary is much more than charity or service. Rotary is much more than networking and professional learning. Rotary is all this and much more.