Rotary causes


Rotary works determinedly to make the world a better place to live. We develop international relations and build peace, improve people’s lives in many ways, and fight disease.

Promoting Peace

Rotary wants to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding. We educate leaders in how to avoid conflicts and mediate them, and how to assist refugees who have fled their now-dangerous home regions.

Fighting Disease

Rotary trains and assists communities in different parts of the world to stop life-threatening diseases such as polio, HIV/Aids and malaria. We improve people’s opportunities of receiving inexpensive or free healthcare services.

Providing Clean Water

Rotary supports projects that help an increasing number of people access clean water, better sanitation and better hygiene daily. We strive for sustainable development and train locals to ensure our projects provide long-term aid.

Saving Mothers and Children

Nearly 6 million children under 5 years die annually because of malnourishment, poor healthcare and insufficient sanitation. We aim to improve people’s opportunities to access better healthcare so that mothers and children may have good lives and normal growth.


There are more than 775 million illiterate people aged over 15 in the world. Our goal is helping communities offer basic education, reduce gender inequality in education and improve adults’ literacy.

Growing Local Economies

Rotary implements projects that develop local economies and communities and help them secure proper and productive work to people of all ages. We also act to empower local entrepreneurs, especially women, in impoverished communities.