The Goodfather helps students to make their way to emloyment in Forssa area

Sepänhaka Rotary Club in Forssa is in charge of a program, which has created jobs and possibilities for work experience for youngsters in the area. The program started in 2015 and it has helped 120 youngsters to employment. In the Goodfather program unemployed youngsters are given jobs with the help and support from Rotarians. Rotarians open doors to companies and communities and keep contact with entrepreneurs. They help youngster to be active in seeking employment and support as goodfathers employed youngsters and those going to work experience.

Strength of Wide Cooperation

With the financial support from district 1410 the program planning team surveyed the employment situation of the young people in the town of Forssa. The unemployment rate was around 20%.

Close cooperation with Service Center Viltteri, Apprenticeship Office and representatives of Lyhty program was started. An unemployed youngster was employed as a coordinator for the program. Heidi Sipilä was selected as The Goodfather coordinator and she started her work in 2015.

The coordinator was acquainted with the operations of the Employment Office, Forssa Town and the organizations of young people’s employment activities and apprenticeship activities.

Effective Results

The coordinator has designed material for young people to prepare them for studies and working life and an animation on how to get a job. She opened and maintained an easy-to-use Facebook page ‘Information to Young People – Forssa Area’. By the end of December 2015 16 companies have joined the program. 29 youngsters were sent to these companies and 10 of them were employed or started work experience. By the end of 2018 120 youngsters had got a job.