5th Baltic Herring Rowing Event Brought 12000€ for Water Protection

Five Rotary Clubs in district 1420 arranged a Baltic Herring Rowing Event for the fifth time in the fall 2017. Clean local waters and clean Baltic Sea belong to the signature projects of many clubs in D1420. On October 1, 2017 altogether 17 boats and over 250 rowers from all over Finland, from Italy and through exchange students from all over the world took part in the rowing event. On January 1, 2018 Vantaajoki and Helsinki Area Water Protection Association and the Association for the Protection of Flowing Waters were awarded 12000€ out of the money collected at he rowing event organized by Rotarians.

We will use the money we received from the Baltic Herring Rowing Event to improve the water quality in Vantaanjoki River and to decrease the amount of nutrients flowing from the river to the sea, says Anu Okasanen, the head of the Water Protection Association. With the help of this money we can increase on-going measurements of the water quality in the Vantaajoki River river basin, support the recreational use of Vantaanjoki River, and improve nature and the natural living conditions of salmon and other fish in the same fish family and other water fauna. There are over one million people living in the area of Vantaajoki River and its tributaries. It is for many people their local recreational ground.

If the river is important and close to you, then also the protection and development measures are important to you. The nutrient load from the river to the sea near Helsinki is significant, so increasing information and taking measures in the river basin from Riihimäki to Helsinki have a positive impact.

Five Rotary Clubs in D 1420 arranged the rowing event:
• Finlandia Hall
• Hausjärvi-Riihimäki
• Herttoniemi
• Pasila
• Vantaa Myyrmäki
• Rotaract Helsinki
• Rotary District 1420

Pictures from event:
Video soudusta: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B51qsZEZeHNHZXM1ZDJGbzRHUFk/view