Laitila Christmas Event exceeded all expectation in Somero

The diverse charity event Laitila Christmas in 2017 exceeded all expectations about its results. The total amount of money from fundraising, from the shop and the flea market, from the art auction and the donation from Humanitas Association was 18700€. This money was given to those in need in Somero.

Somero Rotary Club was working together with local people. In addition to fundraising, people involved got a lot of experience about community spirit, about the joy and challenges of cooperation. Out of the meeting room to meet the local people was realized in a most magnificent way.

The money collected was given to Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto Association, to the local church and local social workers to be donated to those in need. In addition to money, we got a lot of second-hand goods and clothes, Christmas ham, eggs, Somero newspaper subscriptions and gift certificates to the local gym to be donted.