First, I would like to thank you for your collaboration during the past years. Finland is as committed as ever to Rotary Youth Exchange, as we believe these programs offer not only memorable experiences for students, but also an excellent way to build bridges between cultures and to enhance peace.

We have been observing the corona virus pandemic here in Finland, as well. It is clear that the situation is very severe globally, although the pandemic is at different phases in all the countries.

After serious consideration, Board of Finland’s Rotary Service has made the decision that all Youth Exchange Programs (long-term, short-term and camps) planned for 2020 will be postponed till 2021–2022.

Needless to say, making this decision was extremely difficult, as it has major impacts to the  Youth Exchange Programs, students, clubs and all the dedicated volunteers involved. However, health and safety are of uttermost importance to us regarding Rotary Youth Exchange. As we cannot guarantee these due to the corona virus pandemic, we do not want students to experience their exchange in uncertain circumstances.

We have decided to keep all the applications valid for the next season. This applies to both Finnish students and to those that were to be placed in Finland. We understand that not all students will be able to start their exchange a year later. However, we hope that as many students as possible will have the opportunity to fulfill their dream in the season 2021–2022. In many countries regular age requirements might become an obstacle. However, we hope that these can be discussed due to this very unusual situation.

We hope you understand and accept our decision. We are looking forward to 2021–2022. As said, we are very committed to Youth Exchange Programs, and hope to have at least the same number of students than planned for this year – if not even more.

Sincere thank you for your collaboration. This spring has been very difficult for all of us, as none of us would like to deliver these news to our students, who have been waiting for long their dream to come true. Let’s go through this turbulence together and deliver even more impactful programs for our students in the future.

Yours in Rotary
Antti Salminen
PDG,  Chairman
Finnish-Estonian Multidistrict (1380-1430)
Tel +358 400 476600