War in Ukraine has shocked all of us and Rotarians have strong will to help those in distress. At the moment RI is preparing quick channel to get relief delivered to where it is needed. This will be done through the Disaster Response Fund of The Rotary Foundation.

RI Director Virpi Honkala who participated in the RI emergency meeting told that Rotarians in the neighbouring countries, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia do actively relief aid for those escaping from Ukraine and are receiving refugees in the borders. Donations coming through the Disaster Response Fund will be used for this relief aid. Direct aid to Ukraine is difficult to get delivered there in the current situation.

In coming days RI will give more specific instructions of how aid will be concretely accomplished. At present the Clubs, if they wish, can begin to raise donations, but further delivery should be done only when more precise instructions have been received. If the Clubs want they can use also other reliable channels in delivering their donations, but instructions from RI is to prefer Disaster Response Fund.


Pentti Aspila

Secretary General, Finland’s Rotary Service