Sick children and young people get a Sensory Room

Tampere University Children’s and Young People’s Hospital will build a sensory room with help of a big cooperative Rotary project. The sensory room will be equipped with e.g. physioacoustic couch. The sensory room provides something to touch and to experience for all senses.

All the returns of the 4-year Rotary project will be donated to Children’s and Young People’s Hospital, which will be build in the extension of Tampere University Hospital. There the money will be spent to support the psychiatric care and to buy the necessary equipment to the sensory room. The room will also benefit the physically sick children. We hope to be able to direct the community focus to the diversity of children’s psychiatric problems and the importance of good mental healthcare.

The aim was to raise 100 000€ by the year 2020, but there was a significant improvement in the fundraising in the early spring 2018 when we got a 50 000€ donation. The donor does not want to have his/her name published. The project has been able to raise almost all the 100 000€ in two years only.

The following Rotary clubs have been cooperating in the project: Tampere-Lielahti (project management), Tampere-Jussinkylä, Tammer-Nova, Pyynikki, Pirkkala, Nokia, Orivesi and Mänttä. Fundraising has included cultural and sporting events and donations from Rotary clubs.

Sensory Room Project