Building toilets for rural schools
Water and sanitation

14 schools in Taluka, India with over 2,500 students and employees

In the project, rural schools will receive toilet facilities that will benefit both students and employees. Proper toilets are important for hygiene and health reasons, but also because they provide users with privacy. The toilets will be constructed by private contractors.
The construction will be supervised by daycare and school authorities, as well as seven Rotary Clubs. RC Yawat, RC Shikarpur, RC Alephata Main, RC Bhor Rajgad, RC Narayangaon and RC Narayangaon (Highway).

Total budget: USD 43,150

  • DDF funding: 10,500 (from Rotary Districts)
  • Other funding: 15,150 (from Rotary Clubs)
  • World Fund of the Rotary Foundation 17,500

Participants from Finland

  • Rotary Districts 1400 and 1420
  • Pietari Brahe and Raahe Rotary Clubs

Other participants

  • Rotary District 3131 from India and 2350 from Sweden
  • 12 Indian and 3 Swedish Rotary Clubs