Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Young ethical leaders and active citizens

Inspiring speeches, expertise by experience, supporting personal growth, social activity, all this and much more can be included in Rotarian RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Awards – training.

This training is aimed at active young people ages 14–30 who wish to understand leadership: developing decision making skills, initiative, interaction, and the ability to present your point of view in a clear and convincing manner. At RYLA seminars representatives of various fields share their experiences and thoughts concerning leadership. The purpose of RYLA training is to encourage young people to be leaders and raise them to be active citizens and ethical actors.

RYLA events are organized by a single club or several clubs in co-operation, or it can be organized by the district. RYLA can partner with a school or other community. Participants are selected their applications or jointly with the partner.

Do not hesitate to contact the Rotary clubs in your region and ask more about RYLA events.

Contact us:

RYLA, Chair, Coordinator
Jari Ovaskainen, RC Tampere-Jussinkylä
+358-40-353 2880