DG Esa Mäkinen

DG Esa Mäkinen

DG Esa Mäkinen, Tampere-Hervanta
Mobile +358-40-519 1059

Classification: Puolustusvoimat – Försvarsmakten – Defence Forces
Rotary duties: Club Secretary, Club President, Assistant Governor AD, RLI-Trainer
Job title:

Imagine – Rotary

To me one of the most important aspects of the Rotary are good,  new friends along with direction set accordingly by the RI strategy witch aims to enhance the Rotary coverage and visibility locally and globally. I would like to enhance these to our District  action. We need to renew our actions and bring more diversity, equity and inclusion to our everyday club and district activities. Rotary offers us excellent opportunities to do good together.

As a governor, I hope to encounter many active rotarians who have many great ides and new ideas for the coming new Rotary year. This year will be very busy us all and I feel that it is very important that we work together in order to improve Rotary at every level. I look forward to the post paramedic era with fun filled meetings and engage new activities among the different districts and within our own district. I promise to support clubs with the best of my abilities and encourage all members to support each in our journey to make Rotary in Finland more visible and active. Imagine- Rotary.