District RYLA events

Leader of Sports

Six Rotary clubs in Tampere area organized a RYLA course for 15 high school students in April-May 2018. Hockey legends Teppo Numminen, Jukka Tammi as well as Mr Antti Hynynen, who served as the captain of the local Ilves football team, told the participants about their careers and experiences of various leadership situations. Led by local Rotary trainers, the eight-hour course covered issues starting from personnel management, crisis management, ethical values ​​of leadership and sports to specific issues of multicultural team leadership, among others. The importance and methods of branding as well as knowledge of the contemporary media environment were also included in the program. At the end of the course, visions for the post-sports career were discussed and even the need of the sports venues construction in the Tampere region were considered.

The course was implemented as a joint project of several Rotary clubs. The Tampere-Kissanmaa Rotary Club, Rotary Club Tampere International, Tammer Nova Rotary Club, Ylöjärvi Rotary Club, Pirkkala Rotary Club and Nokia Rotary Club were involved in the planning and implementation of the course held in Sampo Central High School in Tampere.

Young women to leadership careers

Tammer Nova Rotary Club has been running an annual Young Women for Leadership Careers course since 2006. The purpose of the course is to encourage young women to take on challenging leadership roles later in their working life. In this course, students become acquainted with the course related literature, attend lectures, and interview female leaders before writings their final reports. The course begins in the autumn and ends in May when a closing ceremony with formal dinner is arranged.

The course is implemented with the cooperation of RC Tammer Nova members and the contribution of high school student counselors. The course is aimed at second-year high school students and has been approved in Tampere as a course worth one high school course. Two students from each Tampere high school are admitted to the course each year, with a maximum of 18 participants in total.

Over the decade, the course has been attended by more than 150 students. Visits have been made to 30 different organizations where women leaders or supervisors have talked about their own careers. In addition, dozens of other female executives have been interviewed for final reports. In total, more than 50 final reports have been produced by student teams.