Introducing Rotary District 1420

Rotary District 1420
operates in Uusimaa
and Estonia

Our Rotary district 1420 is one of the six Finnish districts that belong to the international Rotary service organisation. The district includes 51 clubs in Southern Finland and 20 clubs in Estonia. These clubs have a total of 2,600 members (03/2020). The Estonian clubs have about 600 members. You can find your closest club by using our Club Finder here.

Each Rotary district is led by a governor. The district’s nominating committee selects a governor deemed suitable among the nominees set by the clubs. The future governor is appointed at the Rotary International Convention. The governor for our district 1420 for season 2021-2022 is Raine Nikander. The governor is supported by the district council, district committees, and the assistant governors (AGs) of the regions that belong to the district. The district governor visits every club in his district during his year in office or organises regional joint meetings for the clubs.

The district organises several events for the clubs during the year. District meetings are usually held in autumn and the festive district conference in spring. A yearly training seminar (PETS) is organised for the clubs’ future presidents and club officials, and attending this seminar is important. In connection with the PETS, a district assembly is held to decide next year’s district officials and budget.