Interested in becoming a member?

How do I apply to join Rotary?

It is worth it to join Rotary if you want to develop your own community or build a better world. Rotary brings like-minded people together, and togerther we can achieve more. As a Rotarian you’ll get to know the influencers of your locality, and if you so desire, you’ll get a good view of international activities as well. We are a global network, offering many different possibilities.


Ten good reasons to be a Rotarian

As a Rotarian You Can

1. serve and use your own know-how
2. network professionally
3. grow and develop as a human being
4. create new friendships 
5. get involved in cultural diversity
6. act as a good member of society
7. promote mutual global understanding
8. enjoy and experience new things
9. participate in youth exchange and have the possibility to have an exchange student live at your home
10. be a part of ethical activity

For young people, we offer the opportunity to join Rotary through Interact-and Rotaract activities.

How do I apply to join Rotary?

All Rotary clubs actively recruit new members. New members are invited to clubs based on the recommendation of a current member.

The most important criterion for membership eligibility is the ability to actively participate in club activities. Members are invited from a wide range of expertise areas to reflect a diverse representation of professions and cultures.

If you are interested in membership, please follow these steps:

  1. Get to know Rotary, the organization’s activities and values.
  2. Get acquainted with the activities of the clubs. You can find clubs in Southern Finland and Estonia from this link or by using the Club Finder search service.
  3. Choose a suitable club that meets near you and at a convenient time for you.
  4. Contact a club member and express your interest in Rotary activities and club events. Also discuss the possibility of attending a club meeting as a guest to get a feel for the club’s activities and membership.
  5. If, after getting to know the club, it proves to be a good fit and membership is of interest to you, send an informal application to the club president or secretary. In the application, refer to the invitation received from the member you met and provide information about yourself and your motivation to join Rotary. Include your resume (CV) and, if desired, fill in your contact information in the form below.
  6. The club will consider your application and if accepted, they will request your contact information through the membership application form.
  7. You will be welcomed into the club as a new member and introduced at a club meeting

Membership application form in PDF format.
Membership application form in MS Word format.