What we do

We want to act and make a difference

Rotary wants to make the world a better place and fix things that make people’s lives harder. That’s why we work locally and internationally, implementing local projects in our own localities and working with other clubs on international projects that address today’s acute challenges. As a Rotarian, you have the opportunity to act and make an impact. Together we will achieve more. In addition you get an awesome social network and lifelong friends.

As a Rotarian, you train for different roles in your club, and depending on your interests, you can aspire to district roles as well as international roles. We also train young people in leadership, e.g. courses. And every week you have the opportunity to learn something new: in the weekly meetings you hear presentations from experts in different fields and get perspectives from outside your own field. As a Rotarian, you can support exchange students and also make international friends and acquaintances about youth exchanges.

Everything we do is guided by the Rotarian Code of Ethics, which sets the standards of how to act and live in our professional life, Rotary activities as well as in our private life.