Rotaract and Interact

Rotaract and Interact


The activities of Rotaract clubs are meant for young adults, ages 18-30. The purpose of these activities is personal development into responsible adults and leaders. The members of Rotaract clubs decide themselves about their projects and activities. A Rotary club always sponsors and supports their activities.

The activities of Interact clubs are meant for youth, ages 12-18. Also Interact clubs have Rotary clubs as sponsors. In Interact activities the youth get to influence things that are important to them. This happens via annually planned and realised projects. A Rotary club supports the youth in these projects.

Being a member of both Interact and Rotaract, the youth are able to network locally, nationally and internationally. In Finland, there are Rotaract clubs especially in big localities, but not many Interact clubs.


Rotaract clubs in our region


So far, there is only one Rotaract club in Tampere. The host club of the Rotaract Tampere is the RC Tampere-Kissanmaa, our neighboring club. Tammer Nova works in different ways with Rotaract Tampere, among others, by inviting Rotaract club members to our events. Individual Tammer Nova members support Rotaract Tampere activities at various youth events and projects, e.g. including participating in Buy one more -campaign.

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Our Rotary club to support an Interact club?

If you are interested in working at a Rotaract or Interact club or you would like to found a new club, don’t hesitate to contact our club president!

Tammer Nova has been considering setting up an Interact club. If you are, or your child or your grandchild is a 12-18-year-old young person who might be interested in the Interact club, or if you would like more information about Interact or Rotaract, please contact Tammer Nova Rotary Club President Kari Koljonen (kari.koljonen(at) or call +358503451504.

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Meeting information

Buffet & Café Linkosuo / conference room
Hämeenkatu 28, 9. floor
33200 Tampere

Tiistaisin klo 17.15-18.30

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