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Annual dragnet fishing event

Perhaps the most unique and interesting annual happening in the Rotaryclub of Asikkala is the dragnet fishing. Similar tradition isn’t in use at any other club in Finland and hardly in the other world either.

Dragnet fishing was started right after the club was founded, as rotarian Emil Ala-Pietilä invited the club members to the Island of Vohlanen at Lake Päijänne to fish with the dragnet and enjoy the fish soup made at site. This happening was instantly turned to a tradition that has continued without a break to this day. July 2021 marked the 65th annual dragnet fishing event at the shores of the Island of Vohlanen. The event always starts early in the morning transferring all the equipment to the Vohlanen. At daytime usually two different fishing grounds are probed and some of the catch is used in the fish soup that is served on the evening festivities at the boat shed.

The event offers club members nice time working together, but it has also more serious goal to achieve. One line of service for our club is to take part to actions to preserve the surrounding waters in our municipality of Asikkala. Selective fishing with the dragnet is one way to adjust the fish population to the right direction. The dragnet that club has today is also twined by members to transfer those skills forward. Club also has a dedicated Master of Dragnet, who is responsible for all the issues regarding this tradition. Currently serving is rotarian Reijo Jäntti.


Another long-time environmental project in our club has been tree planting. Almost every year club has gathered somewhere in the forests of Asikkala municipality to renew the forest. Planting new trees is one of our ways to shrink our carbon footprint while also having a brotherly come together in the woods with tasty serving included. Added bonus being a small financial support gained to swell our coffers. Some years as there hasn’t been a suitable reforestation target available for our use, we have organized other types of forest trips to keep in touch with the surrounding nature.

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Ämmäläntie 20
17200 Vääksy

Thursdays from 18.00-19.00 (Light dinner 17:30)

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