Fund Raising and Donations

Fund Raising and Donations

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Our Rotary club participates in both local and global service work in many ways. We take part in Rotary Youth Exchange work, and in order to finance this, we organize fund raising. At our own locality we participate in the xxx project.

We donate funds to humanitarian projects via The Rotary Foundation (TRF). Through several projects, TRF supports improving maternal and child health and the prevention and treatment of diseases. TRF promotes education and literacy, strengthens peacekeeping work and helps local economies and societies grow. TRF promotes the availability of clean water and hygiene skills where there’s a need for this.

Our club also participates in the eradication of polio from the world. Rotary initiated this project, and we promote it with personal donations and projects. Rotarians have worked to get rid of the wild polio virus already more than thirty years. Nowadays only some tens of children catch the wild polio virus, while at the beginning of the PolioPlus project the number was as high as 350,000 a year.

Today, the children who have caught this endemic polio usually live in hard-to-reach regions, e.g. in Afghanistan. The Rotarians have pledged to fully carry out this project, and therefore also our club will contribute to this work until this promise given by Rotarians has been fulfilled.

Get to know more about our fund raising projects:
The crocuses – an example of a sub page, link

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