Youth Exchange

Youth Exchange

Rotary Youth Exchange is a safe and often fairly inexpensive way to travel abroad as an exchange student. Rotary Youth Exchange is certified and supervised. The exchange student has to honour the guidelines and rules stipulated by Rotary – this is a part of safety. The youth and their family are trained to meet the exchange year’s needs before the youth’s departure.

The hosting family treats the youth as their family member. The hosting club takes care of e.g. the student’s educational expenses.  The youth also receives a small monthly allowance from his or her hosting Rotary club. The host family does not receive money for providing room and board.

Exchange students coming to Finland need hosting families. During the exchange year, the youth usually spends four months in each of three host families. When you want to offer a safe home for an exchange student coming to Finland, contact the Youth Exchange Officer of our club.

When a Rotary club receives an exchange student from abroad, it also means that, reciprocally, we can send a youth abroad. Going to school abroad is not, by all means, always free for the student, but the hosting club stands for these expenses, too. The youth also gets the same advantages and care as the youth coming to our country.

Via Rotary you can have access to full academic year exchange, summer or camp exchange. You can study these alternatives more closely on Youth Exchange pages. Applications for the next year’s exchanges should be sent in the autumn of the preceding year. If you’d like to know more, please contact to our club and ask whether we’ll send an exchange student.

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