Thank you Jonathan for most interesting and educative presentation! It was nice having you as our guest at our Rotary event fasilitating discussion about transition to Circular Economy. The Rotary event in promotion to Circular Economy: A mission to M.A.R.S – an event on Sep-3, 2019 – was organized as joint effort of Rotarians in Tampere, Finland. The event was hosted and sponsored by Sweco.

Adjunct Professor Jonathan Trent NASA Scientist/Founder UpCycle Systems joined over videolink for presentation and discussions. Presentation was dealing with Circular Economy – Water, Energy, Food – Climate Change Mitigation.

A lot of effort and resources are allocated to enable human habitation on MARS – the Red Planet. According to Jonathan, we should be focusing on M.A.R.S (Mobilizing All Resources for Sustainability) on Earth.

The event and topic is a good fit to this years Global theme: “Rotary Connects the World”

A skype link to the event was shared at Tampere-Lielahti Rotaryclub website:

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