Youth Exchange

Youth Exchange

The youth exchange program of Finnish Rotary is organized by the Rotary multidistrict organization. Every year several exchange students travel abroad and arrive from all over the world. Youth exchange is the most prominent form of our service activities.

For the 2020– 2021 season,       young people have applied for long-term exchange lasting a year,     for a short-term summer exchange and      for camp exchange. In addition to the popular United States, Canada and Australia, there has been increasing interest in the many countries of Europe, Latin America and Far East.

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Rotex organizes activities for former exchange students. Rotexes assist the multidistrict and districts in guiding outbound students and tutoring inbound exchange students. They can also tutor at summer camps, trips organized by the youth exchange, or at orientation camps for inbound students. Rotex operates under the Finnish Rotary youth exchange multidistrict organization and all rotexes work in compliance with Rotary rules.

Contact us

The youth exchange program in our district is coordinated by
Vive Eronen  Imatran Rotaryklubi
Phone: +358 40 702 3329


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