The District International Service Committe (2023-2024)


The main achievements of the committee are as follows:

The District International Committe together with the Baltic Sea Committe organised a series of two Climate webinars with approx 100 participants and 60 registered who wanted to have the recordings. The programs were planned and the webinars were lead by the chair of the committe. PE Stephanie Urchick gave a speech at the Climate Webinar on February 8. Chair of ESRAG Europe Michael Koch gave a presentation at the Climate Webinar on  April 9.

ICC Germany-District 1420 was established in 2022 and in the autum 2023 the twin city agreement between Dillenburg RC and Porvoo läntinen was made.

In the Rotary Action Summit in Malmö, there will be two break out sessions (joint sessions of ESRAG and BASRAN) organized that are planned by the chair together with BASRANs representative. The chair will have a presentation at the sessions.

The District 1410 has asked if our District wants to take part in establishing the ICC-USA. The chair has asked the opinion of the District Council on that.

Presentations at clubs weekly meetings: Tikkurila and Järvenpää.

Members of the District International Service Committee: Anu Adermann (Tallinn), Taru Karikoski (Porvoo läntinen), Päivi Kippo-Edlund, chair (DISC).